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My Rules [Sunday 2.19.06 7:36pm
I ship worldwide
Buyer must pay for additional shipping costs

*Spend $30 or more and get free shipping!*

1) I am not responsible for items lost in the mail! I will, however, keep receipts from the post office as proof that your packages have been sent for 10 days. If your money gets lost in the mail... that is not my problem (I'm sorry)
2) I accept cash, money orders, personal checks and paypal
3) Leave feedback in my journal when you get my half of the sale/trade
4) If you are a deadbeat or a scammer, leave now
5) If payment is not mailed within one week of agreement, the item will go back on the sales list... If you need more time please e-mail me and we can arrange it. I'm not a bitch about it, I just don't like deadbeats.
6) If the item you're trying to sell me isn't similar to my wants... please dont post it - and I wont shop on your ebay. Livejournals only please
7) I will usually only trade for items that are on my want list
8) I'm pretty friendly, so ask me any questions you may have
9) Have fun shopping (^.^)

Official PayPal Seal

My Favorite People!
These people are awesome and so sweet to work with!
tara_sells - Great Seller!
justapaperbook - Donated $45 to animal charity! Super Sweet!

The Deadbeat List/reasons whyCollapse )

I want...
Dance Dance revolution (complete kit w/ mats! for ps2 must be in good working condition) - will trade a lot for this!
Winnie the Pooh stuff for a baby and/or toddler
giftcards (I'll only trade for these)
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Feedback [Sunday 2.19.06 7:36pm
Feedback will never be deleted! So tell me what you really think =)

Pos= 51
Neu = 0
Neg= 0
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Current Transations [Sunday 2.19.06 7:35pm
Current TransactionsCollapse )
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Clothes - Tops [Sunday 2.19.06 7:34pm
Shirts, tanks and hoodiesCollapse )
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Clothes - bottoms [Sunday 2.19.06 7:33pm
Jeans, pants, skirts, dresses and shortsCollapse )
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Candles [Sunday 2.19.06 4:37pm
Candles and candle holdersCollapse )
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Bags and Wallets [Sunday 2.19.06 4:35pm
Purses, wallets and bagsCollapse )
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Footwear [Sunday 2.19.06 4:35pm
Heels, sneakers, etc.Collapse )
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Freebies/Sales [Sunday 2.19.06 4:34pm
Free when you spend...Collapse )

$1 SalesCollapse )
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Head Accessories [Sunday 2.19.06 4:33pm
Hats and BandanasCollapse )
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Overexposed [Sunday 2.19.06 4:33pm
swimwear and brasCollapse )
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Reading Material [Sunday 2.19.06 4:32pm
Books and MagazinesCollapse )
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Jewelry [Sunday 2.19.06 4:31pm
Earings, Necklaces, rings and pendentsCollapse )
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Beauty [Sunday 2.19.06 4:30pm
Makeup, hair and skin productsCollapse )
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Scents [Sunday 2.19.06 4:29pm
Perfume, lotions, shower gels and incenseCollapse )
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Entertainment [Sunday 2.19.06 4:28pm
Movies and Music and Computer GamesCollapse )
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Electronics [Sunday 2.19.06 4:27pm
Cameras, CD Players and computer accessoriesCollapse )
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Misc. [Sunday 2.19.06 4:26pm
Pins, Keychains, Picture Frames, sunglassesCollapse )
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Decor [Saturday 2.18.06 4:27pm
Decor for bedrooms and bathrooms and kitchensCollapse )
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Animals [Saturday 2.18.06 4:05pm
Pet ItemsCollapse )
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